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Upper Kuparuk Glacial Geology

This vector (shp) map is a simplified version (1:25000) of Thomas Hamilton's glacial geology map of the Upper Kuparuk River region (Hamilton 2003), which provides detailed (1:63,360-scale) surficial-geologic mapping in the Dalton Highway area, from the Sagavanirktok to the Itkillik Rivers, in the west-central Philip Smith Mountains quadrangle. The map area extends from the northern flank of the Endicott Mountains into the Arctic Foothills province.

The glacial history of the region affects a wide variety of landscape and ecosystem properties, including topographic variation, abundance of lakes, plant production, soil carbon, spectral reflectance, biodiversity, trace-gas fluxes and heat flux of these landscapes. Glacial deposits within the upper Kuparuk River region are assigned to Sagavanirktok (middle Pleistocene, about 780-125 kya), Itkillik I (late Pleistocene, about 120-50 kya) and Itkillik II (late Pleistocene, about 25-11.5 kya) glaciations of the central Brooks Range glacial succession (Hamilton 2003). The 20 legend units are arranged approximately from oldest to youngest.

Visit Toolik Arctic Geobotanical Atlas for details on legend units, photos of map units and plant species, glossary, bibliography and links to ground data.

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Elevation, Glacial Geology, Hydrology, Landform, Surficial Geology, Surficial Geomorphology, Vegetation, Landsat NDVI trend 1985-2007, SPOT false-color infrared (CIR), SPOT NDVI


Hamilton, T. D. 2003. Glacial geology of the Toolik Lake and upper Kuparuk River regions. 26, Institute of Arctic Biology, Fairbanks.


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