Catalog Record: Upper Kuparuk River Region Hydrology
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Aga upper kuparuk hydrology walker 2008

Upper Kuparuk River Region Hydrology

This vector map shows the Upper Kuparuk River Region Hydrology and Watershed Boundary map.

Visit Toolik Arctic Geobotanical Atlas for details on legend units, photos of map units and plant species, glossary, bibliography and links to ground data.

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Map Themes

Elevation, Glacial Geology, Hydrology, Landform, Surficial Geology, Surficial Geomorphology, Vegetation, Landsat NDVI trend 1985-2007, SPOT false-color infrared (CIR), SPOT NDVI


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Status: Complete
Type: Data
Data Types: GIS, Image, Map
Primary Contacts
Name: Donald A. (Skip) Walker
Email: dawalker@alaska.edu
Alaska, North Slope, Arctic

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