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Circumpolar Arctic Substrate pH

Differences in substrate chemistry have important effects on dominant plant communities. Some of the most important effects are related to soil pH, which governs the availability of essential plant nutrients. Soils in the circumneutral range (pH 5.5-7.2) are generally mineral rich, whereas the full suite of essential nutrients are often unavailable in acidic soils (pH < 5.5) or in soils associated with calcareous bedrock (pH > 7.2). The latter often have unique assemblages of endemic plant species. There are no common base maps that show this essential difference in substrate chemistry, so the CAVM substrate map was derived from a wide variety of available sources including soil, surficial geology, and bedrock geology maps, and from spectral patterns that could be recognized on the AVHRR base image. The pH values of the three categories were based on the field experience and hundreds of Arctic vegetation relevé plots sampled by D.A. Walker on the North Slope and Seward Peninsula of Alaska, in consultation with F.J.A. Daniëls (Greenland) and N.G. Moskalenko (Yamal and Gydan Peninsulas, Russia).

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