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Upper Kuparuk River Region Landform

Landforms were grouped into the following classes for map display:

  • Hill or mountain: Includes undifferentiated hills and mountains of all slopes and sizes. Includes moraines and kames.
  • Talus slope: Accumulation of mass-wasted boulders forming an apron below bedrock exposures.
  • Bluff or cliff: Very steep slopes usually associated with bedrock areas or eroded lake and river margins.
  • Flat: Undifferentiated flat areas.
  • Basin: Refers primarily to colluvial basins between hills usually filled with wetlands and broad watertracks.
  • Drained or filled lakes: Includes drained glacial kettle lakes in outwash deposits, drained glacial moraine-damned lakes such as the ancient Lake Galbraith, and filled lakes and pond margins.
  • Floodplain or floodplain terrace: Includes active and nonactive floodplains and glaciofluvial outwash, ancient floodplains, also wide drainages filled with watertracks, abandoned sloughs, point bars, oxbows, etc.
  • Debris flow: Includes areas of melting ground ice with debris flows.
  • Alluvial fan: Includes nearly flat alluvial fans associated with existing and ancient lakes and steep alluvial fans at the base of steep valleys that are products of debris flows.
  • Lake or pond.
  • Disturbed area: Includes gravel mines and gravel construction pads.

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Elevation, Glacial Geology, Hydrology, Landform, Surficial Geology, Surficial Geomorphology, Vegetation, Landsat NDVI trend 1985-2007, SPOT false-color infrared (CIR), SPOT NDVI

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Alaska, Arctic, Northslope Borough

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